Yvonne, Germany's Runaway Cow, Now Free As Search Is Called Off

The Huffington Post First Posted: 08/29/11 07:37 PM ET Updated: 10/29/11 06:12 AM ET

A fugitive cow named Yvonne may not have been born free, but now she's free as a bird.

Authorities have officially called off the search for the six-year-old cow, allowing her to prance through the Bavarian forest, according to Der Spiegel.

Yvonne made her escape from a German farm in May before being sent to a slaughterhouse.

After a run-in with the police shortly following her escape -- Yvonne almost collided with an official vehicle on a highway -- German authorities requested the cow be shot on sight. But animal rights groups, the Hindu community and most of the general public just wouldn't let that happen.

Now, animal aficionados and Yvonne's thousands of Facebook friends can rejoice.

One Facebook fan even wrote, "Yvonne I know you are organizing something BIG to free ALL cows."

It's a big world, Yvonne. Good luck out there!