Ohio Man Sues Coworkers Who Won't Share Mega Millions Lottery Win (VIDEO)

First Posted: 09/07/11 12:28 PM ET Updated: 11/07/11 05:12 AM ET

An Ohio man who was out sick when his coworkers won a $99 million lottery jackpot hopes to have his lucky day in court.

Last month, 22 KraftMaid employees in Youngstown, Ohio who regularly pooled their money to buy lottery tickets won the Mega Millions draw, TV station WEWS reported. But one man, Edward Hairston, missed out on the big prize because he'd been on sick leave for three months and hadn't contributed his $5 to the pot in June, July and August, according to WCKN.

Now Hairston is suing his newly rich colleagues for his share of the winnings -- about $2 million -- because his lawyer claims it was an unwritten policy to cover for workers who were sick or on vacation, according to the Ohio News Network. Until Hairston's back injury forced him out of the factory for three months, his lawyer told The Cleveland Plain Dealer that his client had kicked in his dues every month for eight years before the workers hit the big one.

When he tried to collect his piece of the pie, his coworkers told him he wasn't entitled to a dime, his attorney Howard Mishkind said. A lawyer for the winners told The Plain Dealer that two other employees who played in July, but didn't play in August haven't sued.

A judge last week ordered that $2.8 million be set aside while the parties sort out the dispute, The Vindicator of Youngstown reported.


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