Luiz Costa De Oliveira, Brazilian Man, Fathers More Than 50 Children (VIDEO)

First Posted: 09/20/11 01:02 PM ET Updated: 11/20/11 05:12 AM ET

After two marriages, plus affairs with his second wife's sister and her mother, a Brazilian man has fathered 50 children.

Luiz Costa de Oliveira admitted to Britain's Sun newspaper that he does not know all his offspring's names.

The 90-year-old had 17 children with his first wife, and another 17 with his second.

That makes 35, but Peopleulikeus.com reports that the amorous senior became romantically involved with his second wife's sister, who had moved into his house to help care for his large family. She gave birth to a further 15 children during their affair, putting his grand total at 50.

At least, the grand total of children de Oliveria knows about. He told the Telegraph: "The best thing God made in the world was women... I could even have other children and not know it because I always liked to go out with women.”

Guanabee.com quotes de Oliveria's second wife, Maria Francisca, as saying ""Luiz's only hobby was making love." With over 100 grandchildren and counting, the evidence certainly seems to back up her story.