Soldier Comes Out To Father After Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal (VIDEO)

First Posted: 09/20/11 03:20 PM ET Updated: 11/20/11 05:12 AM ET

Hours after the U.S. military repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, a young American soldier stationed in Germany had something to tell his father.

"Dad, I'm gay," the soldier uttered into his cellphone. "Always have been and always known forever," he adds.

His father's reaction? "I still love you son."

With the entire confession filmed and captured on YouTube, the soldier shows relief after his father assures him it won't change their relationship.

Before mustering up the courage to tell his father, the soldier talks on camera about his fears of coming out to his family -- who he says have no clue.

Filmed and posted on YouTube, this isn't the first time he's confessed his sexuality on camera.

The soldier has had a Twitter account and YouTube account operating under the name AreYouSurprised where he talks about what it's like to be gay in the military, notes Gawker. But until now, the soldier has never revealed his face.

The soldier created his channel for people still in the closet, but also to push himself to come out to his family and friends, notes The Guardian.

Watch the video below:

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