'Lucky,' Pregnant Cow, Rescued After Falling Down Colorado Well (VIDEO)

Lucky Pregnant Cow Rescued

First Posted: 10/10/11 01:13 PM ET Updated: 10/10/11 01:14 PM ET

A pregnant cow -- aptly named "Lucky" -- is healthy after being rescued from a well on Friday in Boulder County, Colo.

The Denver Post reports that a wooden platform covering a well in the cow's pasture collapsed under her weight, sending her plunging eight feet.

Firefighters, animal control officers and some helpful neighbors worked together to rescue the bovine, according to Mountain View Fire Rescue.

Emergency crews borrowed a crane from one of the cow's (human) neighbors and then used a fire hose to create a sling under the 1,200 to 1,500-pound animal.

"We've never had a cow, but we've pulled horses out of the mud and things like that before," Deputy Chief Steve Pischke of the Mountain View Fire District told The Boulder Daily Camera.

The Denver Post reports that a veterinarian examined Lucky after the ordeal and both cow and in-utero calf are doing well.

Lucky is not the only pregnant cow to need assistance after falling into a well. In December of last year, a cow the San Francisco Bay Area needed to be rescued after falling down a 12-foot well, according to CBS San Francisco.

WATCH: Cow Rescued From Well: