Juliette Dunn, Connecticut Mom, Pleads Guilty To Forcing Beer, Cocaine On Children

Juliette Dunn

First Posted: 10/20/11 11:29 AM ET Updated: 10/20/11 12:13 PM ET

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (Associated Press / The Huffington Post) -- A Connecticut mother has pleaded guilty to charges that she forced her 4-year-old son to drink beer and gave her 10-month-old daughter beer and cocaine.

Juliette Dunn, 29, of Bridgeport, was charged after a witness waved down police and complained about a woman giving beer to children at a playground.

Dunn's son was reportedly seen drinking from a 40-ounce bottle of Steel Reserve. Her daughter's bottle was said to be filled with alcohol.

A companion, 33-year-old Lisa Jefferson, pleaded guilty to the same charges.

The children were turned over to the Department of Children and Families after 29-year-old Dunn's arrest. Custody hasn't been decided.

It's unknown if either woman has a lawyer.