Austrian Prosecutor Investigates Hitler Schnapps

Hitler On Schnapps Bottle

12/ 6/11 06:57 AM ET   AP

VIENNA — A prosecutor is investigating whether a man selling wine and schnapps with pictures of Adolf Hitler on the labels is breaking a law prohibiting displays glorifying the Nazi era.

Wilfried Siegele says he will examine whether the alleged sales break the law after complaints from a Green party member.

The man was identified Tuesday by officials and the Austria Press Agency only as Roland M., in keeping with privacy laws.

A website posting with a Facebook link to Roland Marte shows bottles with portraits of Hitler and the swastika. The site offers sales of spirits in "nostalgic bottles of former historical greats."

A woman answering the telephone listed under Marte's name confirmed he sold such bottles but said Marte wasn't home. She would not identify herself.