13 Howling Husky Puppies (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post First Posted: 03/14/12 01:54 PM ET Updated: 03/16/12 04:20 PM ET

Howling is a very important communication tool for dogs. They use it to locate other dogs, to announce their presence to other animals, or simply to attract attention. Because howling is so important, it's best to start training those vocal cords at a very early age.

Since Huskies are known to love a good howl, we collected our favorite videos of husky puppies practicing this important communication technique. Who's the cutest howling Husky pup? Vote and let us know!

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  • Couch Howl

    A few howls while lounging on the couch.

  • Phone Howl

    A puppy howling at a recording of himself howling on the phone.

  • Howl Test

    Everything seems to be in order.

  • Howling For Freedom

    His siblings play while he howls for a bigger cause.

  • YouTube Howl

    Howling at the howling on YouTube.

  • Tarzan Puppy

    Very good Tarzan impression for a puppy.

  • One More

    She's a good sport about it.

  • Practice Howls

    At three weeks old, getting his practice howls in for the day.

  • Laundry Puppy


  • First Howl

    Pretty great howl for a five-week-old.

  • No Time To Play

    His brother wants to play, he wants to howl.

  • Nice Range

    Exploring his vocal range.

  • Howling With Humans

    Different species howling together. The human is out-howled.

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