Bode, Boy, Falls Asleep While Skiing (VIDEO)

First Posted: 03/26/12 03:52 PM ET Updated: 03/27/12 04:40 PM ET

Some kids kick and scream when it's time for a nap, but this little boy has no trouble sneaking an afternoon snooze.

Bundled in his winter gear and strapped into his skis, a little boy called Bode nods back and forth in a state of blissful sleep that's often coveted by insomniacs.

The young sport even remains undisturbed as his catnap is captured on camera. According to the video description, the family had just finished up a day on the slopes when Bode fell asleep.

Unfortunately, Bode's little siesta comes to a bitter end when his daze sends him plummeting into the snow. Ouch.

Bode's certainly not the first child to succumb to exhaustion in an unusual position. Check out how these kids featured on Naps Happen called it quits:


Vertical Napping
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This napping genius doesn't even need to lie down in order to refresh himself.

Which is going to serve him really well if he can still do it when he's grown up. And judging by the ring around his mouth, he may have also eaten something while taking this standing nap, although that has not been confirmed by the source.

Forget the Nap Olympics, that would qualify him for "Ripley's Believe it or Not".