Dylan Edward Contreras, 19, Gives False Name To Idaho Police -- But Real One Was Tattooed On Forearm

Dylan Edward Contreras

First Posted: 04/04/12 06:05 PM ET Updated: 04/05/12 12:04 PM ET

TWIN FALLS, Idaho -- A 19-year-old Idaho man with his last name tattooed on his forearm apparently tried to give police a fake name and was arrested.

An officer says he told three men who were walking on the street with a dog to move to the sidewalk, and that one looked like he might run away, so he asked for identification.

Contreras identified himself as Emiliano Velesco, and a police database search found no matches. The officer then had a dispatcher run a check with the birthday he was given and the last name tattooed on the forearm.

Contreras had three warrants for failure to appear on charges including providing false information.