39 Ridiculous Car FAILS (PHOTOS)

Car Fails

First Posted: 09/10/12 08:46 AM ET Updated: 09/11/12 11:11 AM ET

We had no idea how easy it was to be extremely clever and really, really stupid at the same time -- until now.

Thanks to sites like There I Fixed It and other FAIL enthusiasts on the web, the Internet is full of pictures of ridiculous car hacks, FAILS or quick fixes gone wrong. When it comes to cars, it seems there's almost nothing that a little American ingenuity can't fix. Broken A/C? Just install a home window unit in your backseat. No driver's side mirror? That's nothing that a few Bandaids or an old CD can't fix. Want a truck or a van but you've only got a two-door sedan? Well, get ready to meet "Frankencar," your new best friend.

OK, so we don't suggest that you actually try anything in the slideshow below, but we do recommend that you click through all 39 so you don't make the same (unimaginable) mistakes. Just remember: duct tape can't fix everything, umbrellas have no place in vehicles and a 2x4 does not a bumper make. Vote for the funniest pictures below and click over to There I Fixed It to see more ridiculous FAILS.

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  • Mirror, Mirror

    Objects in mirror may be exactly as they appear.

  • Rubber Band/Fork Door Handle

    No, this isn't MacGyver's car.

  • Quick Window Fix

    At least they went with a clear umbrella.

  • Musical Mirror

    Finally, a new use for all those old CDs.

  • The "Fun" Seat

    Someone's about to get the ride of their life (or the last ride of their life).

  • Garbage Bag Hood

    They could have at least used a black garbage bag.

  • Mirror Boo Boo

    Is there anything a Bandaid can't fix?

  • Convertible Hack

    Let's hope it doesn't start hailing.

  • Little Wheel

    Forget "donut," this is a munchkin!

  • DIY AC

    This happens <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/21/heat-wave-2012-funniest-ways-to-beat-the-heat_n_1615664.html" target="_hplink">way more than you might think</a>.

  • Beer Opener Door Handle

    Well now that's just dangerous.

  • Car-Truck

    Sometimes you just need room for a little extra junk in the trunk.

  • Construction Sign Window

    Either that's his new window or he drove WAY too fast through a construction zone.

  • Trunk Locks

    Really hoping those are for keeping people out, not IN.

  • New Door

    Considering the way the rest of the car looks, a solid wood door isn't so bad.

  • No One WIll Notice

    What? This is the 2012 plywood edition.

  • Gas Lock

    A helpful reminder to spend less money on gas?

  • Flashlight Headlights

    This should really confuse other drivers at night.

  • Wooden Bumper

    The reflectors on the side really add a nice touch.

  • Riot Gear Windshield

    There's no way this works.

  • Etch-A-Sketch Dashboard

    Now this is just fun.

  • Limo Hack

    This year's prom is going to be WEIRD.

  • Literal Door Lock

    Would anyone even want to steal it at this point?

  • Truck/Van

    Business in the front, party in the back.

  • Gerbil Vent

    Defroster broken? No problem.

  • House Door Car

    To be fair, it already looks like someone's been living in there.

  • One-Door Car

    Who really needs two doors, anyway?

  • Frankencar

    We have no words for this.

  • License Plate Trouble

    The cops won't suspect a thing!

  • Computer Drive

    Just pop in your Windows 98 CD-Rom and you're good to go!

  • Bottle Headlight

    It's just for show.

  • Duct Taped Rearview Mirror

    OK, now you're just being cheap.

  • Frankencar Part Two

    The more the merrier!

  • Hanger Exhaust Pipe

    Where cleverness meets stupidity.

  • Ruler Door

    Now you can take comfort in two thin, wooden strips holding your door on at full speed.

  • Brake Lights

    This actually seems pretty functional compared to some of the other things we've seen.

  • Two-Tone Car

    Between the tape and the rope, this might actually... oh, never mind.

  • Another Flashlight Hack

    Great minds think alike?

  • Most Confusing Trunk Ever

    We just don't know.