Exhaust Burger Cooks Patties With Heat From Car's Tailpipe (PHOTOS)

Exhaust Burger Tailpipe Grill

First Posted: 09/21/12 02:34 PM ET Updated: 09/24/12 11:03 AM ET

Well... this is one way to cook a burger we suppose.

Although this non-traditional burger grilling prototype was highlighted by DesignBoom in 2008, it is getting passed around again and the four years in between have not diluted our horror every time we see it. We suppose that Exhaust Burger is actually a pretty good idea. Your burger is not actually cooked by exhaust fumes, but by the heat generated by those fumes as you drive your car.

exhaust burger

Designed by Roohollah Merrikhpour and team, we know that this innovation has the environment's best interest at heart, but we just don't know if this is going to give us the medium-rare patties our hearts desire.