#Hangover Tweets: The Worst Complaints We Found On Twitter On New Year's Day 2013

Hangover Tweets

First Posted: 01/01/13 EST Updated: 01/02/13 EST




Ouch, ouch, ouch.

That's what we're feeling right now here at HuffPost Food HQ. By which we mean our beds. The HuffPost offices are closed for the "holiday," so we don't really have any other option. But let's be honest. Even if the office were open, there's literally no way we'd make it in today. We are all supremely hungover, because we all drank far too much champagne, beer, vodka, rye whiskey, reposado tequila, limoncello, Fernet Branca, Amaro Nonino and Hpnotiq Harmonie last night.

If one has to endure blinding agony, though, one may has well endure it in good company. (We learned that from the characters in "Les Miserables" and the group of six stoned bros who sat behind us during "The Hobbit" and managed to laugh all the way through rather than cursing themselves for spending $17 to see it in 48 fps.) And the great thing about being alive in the Web 2.0 era is that you don't have to leave your bed to avoid lonesomeness.

It turns out there's a whole world of hungover people out there, who are ready and eager to complain about the state of their heads and stomachs to the public on Twitter. We've compiled a small sampling of the worst hangovers they Tweeted about for you for your commiseration pleasure. Click through the slideshow below to see them.

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  • Odems

    Bought a chicken burger, been looking at it 4 the past half an hour #hungover

  • Erica Tumenas

    It feels like someone's Irish step dancing across my forehead #hangover #omg #dying 😖

  • Michael Brown

    I feel like 2012 and 2013 got in a fight last night and I tried breaking it up #hungover

  • Beth Doncaster

    Can't stand up. 1. Because I feel like I'm about to spew and 2. Because I have shit loads of glass in my feet! #NYE #dying

  • Dok Heisenberg

    All hangover pain sucked into a short, agonizing burst in a busted filling in one tooth. All else feels fine. That tooth is my head-Messiah.

  • Merri-Scott

    What a great way to ring in the New Year.....never drinking again.. #hungover #happynewyear

  • Robert Ramundo

    Just woke up, wow. My head.

  • Angiee Lopez ♥

    I feel so hungover i wanna cry haha omg ive never felt like this before :( i drank waaaay too much last night!

  • Svea

    Woke up and promptly threw up. 2013 better not suck as much as last night did. #hangover #hungover #hangover #killme

  • Andrew

    New years day is the worst day of the year... #hangover #pukingallday #iamnotok

  • DeidreHolder

    Literally dead #hungover #byeworld #deathbed 😩

  • Tess Baker

    i feel like I've ventured to mordor and back #dying #nye

  • Jamie Prussic

    I feel like I didn't drink enough to be this hung over 😫😫 what did I do to deserve this?! #fml

  • Lukas Hayes

    This is easily the worst I've felt all year. #badnewyearsjokes #hangover

  • Lynneah Smith

    It's seriously taking all I have to just live right now #worst #hangover #everrrrr

  • Julie Evans

    Omg this is the worst I have felt in ages #hangover #hiddo

  • Christian Grey

    Wow my head feels like it's in vice grips 😩

  • Dave Thomas

    J2O, Doritos, and a massive tub of sour cream and chive, and The Walking Dead...hello 2013 #hangoverday

  • Naomi Hedrick

    When your stomach attacks you the next morning, you know you drank too much. #hungover #happynewyear #dranktoomuch #storyofmylife

  • Aaron Hunter

    According to twitter, I'm not alone. If you don't have a hangover from hell, go kick rocks. #Phewww

Do you have your own New Year's Hangover Saga to share with the world? Tweet it to at us with the hashtag #hangoverday, and we might just include you in our roundup of Twitter's Worst New Year's Day Hangovers.