20 Inventions The World Would A Better Place Without (PHOTOS)

Worst Inventions

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 01/03/13 EST Updated: 01/03/13 EST

If necessity is the mother of invention, necessity should stop beating herself up: Everybody hates their own kids sometimes.

We just have to face it: In the long history of human creativity and innovation, we've made some pretty amazing stuff -- the wheel, for example (so rollable!), sliced bread (hello -- sandwiches, people!), the Internet (hey, you're on it right now!) -- but others, well, not so much. Did anybody ever really think New Coke was going to be awesome? Shouldn't hair in the can have stayed in the can? And let's not even talk about the pet rock.

Of course, some people are bound to have stronger feelings about their most-hated inventions than others, which is why we opened things up to allow the HuffPost editors to sound off about things they think the world would be a better place without. Check 'em out, then let us know which invention you wish was never created.

Here are the worst inventions ever, according to HuffPost editors:

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  • Autotune

    "Nobody has to know how to sing anymore to be a famous singer!" -Alexis Kleinman, Huffington Post Business Intern

  • Spirit Hoods

    "You are not a fox. You are an adult with furry ears on your head. If you're into this, you are just the worst." -Heather Robertson, Huffington Post


    "The look, the smell they leave on your feet, the fact that people think they're appropriate for any occasion ... they're just the worst." -Stephanie Hallett, Huffington Post Weddings Associate Editor

  • Low Fat Cream Cheese

    "WHY?" -Alana Horowitz, Huffington Post Front Page Editor

  • Meggings

    "Topical." -Jason Gilbert, Huffington Post Tech Editor

  • Purses With Designer Labels Printed In Patterns All Over Them

    "So tacky. Why?" -Catharine Smith, HuffPost Tech Editor

  • DVR

    -Jeffrey Young, HuffPost Business Health Care Reporter

  • Instant Checkout For iPad Shopping

    "And Amazon Prime and Kanye West." -Catherine New, Huffington Post Money Reporter

  • Swag

    "If you have to brag that you have it, chances are you really don't." -Dana Oliver, HuffPost Beauty Editor

  • Reply-All Email Function

    "Duh." -Caroline Fairchild, HuffPost Money Associate Editor

  • Furby

    "Cause they're scary and not fun and you know they're still looking at you even if it's in the closet." -Jessica Samakow, HuffPost Parents Associate Editor

  • Genetically Modified Seeds

    "Since it has ruined our food system, our health, resulted in thousands of farmer suicides and possible world domination." -Seema Dhawan, Huffington Post Canada Assistant Alberta News Editor

  • Online Poker

    -Joe Van Brussel, Huffington Post Business Staff Writer

  • Patriarchy

    -Simone Landon, Huffington Post News Editor

  • Cellphone Speakers

    "It sounds awful, and kids use it to listen to their bad music very loudly in public places." -Patrick Bellerose, Le Huffington Post Qu├ębec

  • The BlackBerry

    "Maybe I'd see more than the top of my husband's head at the dinner table." -Christina Anderson, Huffington Post Style Fashion Editor

  • Snuggies

    "Does a blanket really need sleeves?" -Laura Rowley, Huffington Post Executive Producer

  • Talking Stuffed Animals

    "Or any kid toy that makes music/noise. Drives me crazy! I one time hid my brother's little battery-operated 'guitar' under a bunch of stuff in our basement because it got stuck on repeat." -Alana B. Elias Kornfeld, Huffington Post Executive Health Editor

  • Texting

    "People don't talk to their friends anymore because they're busy texting all their other friends. It's very sad." -Joanna Zelman, Huffington Post Green Editor

  • Socks

    "Taking the time to put them on and take them off is a waste of life." -Harry Bradford, Huffington Post Business Assistant Editor