Bret Michaels To Live Blog 2013 Grammy Coverage On AOL.com (Video)

First Posted: 02/05/13 EST Updated: 02/05/13 EST

For one night only, rock legend and reality star Bret Michaels is coming exclusively to AOL.com.

That's the big news. We at AOL.com are thrilled and proud to be welcoming the legendary front man, lifelong diabetic and 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner into the fold this Sunday, February 10th, to anchor our live blog coverage of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards -- the music industry's biggest night.

Or, more accurately, he'll be welcoming us into his fold. In a groundbreaking experience, Bret has graciously opened up his home and AOL.com is sending editors there to live blog from the rocker's living room. He promises to provide AOL.com viewers with a peek behind the curtain of a rock star's life, in addition to the unique perspective on the happenings at the Grammy Awards that only a multi-platinum music artist can deliver.

Bret is truly a one of a kind star. He's toured the world performing rock and roll. He's crossed over into country, pop and metal genres. He's conquered reality TV. He's an entrepreneur and most importantly a philanthropist. He's hugely popular with the AOL.com audience. But beyond all of his accomplishments, Bret has an outsize personality, full of a signature charm and wit. And that's what you'll get when you tune in to AOL.com on Sunday night. Bret's raw wit, sense of humor, and down-to-earth, true grit approach will make for a very insightful view of not only the performances, but also what may be going through the artist's mind before, during and after the Grammy Awards.

Bret wanted to this because 'it's going to be a blast.' Pizza. Beer. And the Grammys in Bret's living room.

And there's always the possibility of the spontaneous and the unexpected happening. Who knows what will unfold when you give a rock star the reins to one of the country's biggest Internet homepages?!

On the same night, Michaels will debut his crossover single "The App Song" as well as his music driven, action impact, viral video campaign that he created, wrote and directed for his new Thorns and Roses cologne.

The live blog kicks off 7:15 EST, Sunday night on AOL.com. Do not miss it! Last year, the Grammy Foundation chose Bret to headline its Music Preservation Project concert. Having sold over 30 million records worldwide, Bret Michaels is an integral part of music history. A lifelong type 1 diabetic, Bret personally and through his "Life Rocks Foundation" has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for charity and makes donations not only to diabetes awareness and research, but to such causes as childhood cancer, wounded warriors, St. Jude Children's Hospital, PetSmart Charities, and more. AOL.com is honored to have him join us on this historic night.