Recap Of Bret Michaels Live Blogging The 2013 Grammys On AOL.com

Bret Michaels

First Posted: 02/11/13 EST Updated: 02/11/13 EST

The Bret Michaels Grammy Awards live blogging experiment took AOL.com by storm on Sunday night. And while some critics derided the 55th Annual Grammy Award show as 'The most boring Grammys in years,' for AOL.com the evening was anything but. Legendary rocker and reality TV star Bret Michaels anchored AOL.com's live blog coverage providing insider artist insight, candid commentary, and answers to reader and viewer questions.

AOL.com editors Steve Zorio, Andrew Harding and Jessica Zaleski live blogged from our New York City offices, and Ashley Knierim and Andrew Tavani joined Bret in the living room of his Scottsdale, Arizona home, which is nothing short of a desert oasis.

Bret graciously opened up his home and fed AOL.com editors large quantities of pizza and beer. He kicked off the night by remarking on some of the wardrobe choices celebs like Rihanna and Katy Perry showed off on the red carpet before the Grammys got under way. During the show, Bret used his signature sense of humor to provide an insider's view of what it's like to be a musician in the limelight -- on a big stage performing and winning an award.

Some other highlights of the evening included Bret revealing humorous anecdotes from his 26 years as a rock star, including a funny story about when he was knocked unconscious while backstage at the Tony Awards. He even gave some tips on how to properly trash a hotel room:

'If you cut yourself, write something in blood on the door. That scares everyone,' he quipped.

Bret showed off the web video for his new Thorns and Roses cologne, which is hitting stores this spring. And the show ended on a major high note with Bret improvising a heartfelt, harmonica-fueled goodbye to viewers and then the debut of a brand new version of the hit song 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' on which he's joined by Grammy-winning singer and good friend Loretta Lynn, Aerosmith's axe-grinder Joe Perry on guitar and Hugh McDonald, who played bass with Bon Jovi. That song is from his forthcoming album 'Good Songs, Great Friends,' which is due out in June.

If you missed the live blog, and you want to get a taste of the groundbreaking event that took place on AOL.com on Sunday night, click here to read the blog in its entirety and see how the evening with Bret unfolded. It was intriguing, to say the least. And for photos, including a peek inside Bret's extraordinary home, see below. Thanks to the audience who joined us and to Bret Michaels. We sincerely hope everyone had some good fun.

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  • Bret welcoming the AOL editors into his home in Arizona.

  • Bret is an active animal rescuer, and has a lot of his own dogs.

  • Bret prepping for the Grammys.

  • Bret shows the AOL team his amazing sunset before the show starts.

  • Gearing up for the big night, the team orders a LOT of pizza.

  • We lost the remote! Luckily, we found it before the show started.

  • Before the show kicks off, Bret noticed Rihanna wearing a very scandalous dress on the red carpet.

  • Bret was especially taken with Katy Perry's head-turning green dress.

  • The E! red carpet had a mani-cam. Bret decided to do his own mani(less)-cam.

  • Bret was very excited for later in the night when he could start to ride these through his house.

  • The show kicks off and right away, we are enthralled with the show. Credit: Dennis Shin

  • Bret takes a break from the festivities to take his insulin.

  • He enjoyed the performances so much, he started to sing along with them.

  • Bret giving the AOL editors some insider info.

  • By the middle of the show, we were so pumped. Bret started jumping off tables.

  • He couldn't take it so he decided to hop on his motorcycle and ride through the house.

  • This nifty Bret Michaels-Pittsburgh Steelers guitar made by Gibson is an extremely limited edition instrument -- there are only two of them in existence. The Steelers have the other one. Credit: Dennis Shin

  • Closeup of the guitar.

  • Bret signed off with an original song about the big night.