Old Couple's Love Story Will Restore Your Faith In Marriage (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/14/13 EST Updated: 02/15/13 EST

Now this is love.

This year, a couple will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The wife, Glad, has Alzheimer's -- requiring extra care from her husband, Bill.

A heartwarming video by CVCNOW, which produces creative short films, tells their story. The description on Vimeo reads:

More than ever the vows they made 50 years ago are being tested. In sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, the promise they are keeping is a true example of what love is.

"From the moment she gets up to the moment she goes to bed, I do absolutely everything," Bill says in the video. "Clean her teeth, shower, dress -- everything. But it's a privilege."

"She's my princess," he says. "I'm her William."

In December, a photo showing six decades of love between James and Lauretta Burke, who had Alzheimer's, went viral. James spent some of his final moments putting his wife's treatment into his will.