911 Call At Playboy Mansion Was Not 'Swatting': Report

First Posted: 02/21/13 EST Updated: 02/21/13 EST


Los Angeles Police officers were dispatched to the Playboy Mansion Thursday after receiving a 911 caller reported an assault at the location around 7 a.m.

LAPD spokesman Richard French announced about an hour later that "everything was fine," the LA times reported. An officer with the LAPD's West Los Angeles station told the paper that officers found no signs of an assault.

French initially commented that the incident "could be one of those swatting calls," referring to a trend of prank 911 calls that falsely report crimes at celebrity residences. The term "swatting" comes from the fact that the calls can result in SWAT teams showing up -- though in this case, only two squad cars were dispatched to the Holmby Hills premises.

However, a law enforcement source later told TMZ that officials were able to identify the caller, and suspect the call was not a prank. According to TMZ, investigators "believe there's a possibility" that the person who called truly thought an assault had taken place.