Ken Taylor, Former Canadian Ambassador To Iran, Speaks Exclusively To James Lipton On AOL.com

First Posted: 02/25/13 EST Updated: 02/25/13 EST

In 1979, Ken Taylor, the then-Canadian ambassador to Iran, and his wife Pat, sheltered a group of American hostages in their Tehran home. The six Americans stayed there in secret for three months until a plan was hatched to smuggle them out of Iran. This, of course, formed the basis for the Oscar-winning film 'Argo.'

On Sunday, James Lipton interviewed Ken and Pat Taylor about what it was like for their lives to be the subject of a critically acclaimed movie. Just hours later, 'Argo' won three Oscars, including the coveted Best Picture award. Real-life hero Ken Taylor, who was played by Victor Garber in the Hollywood version of his life, described the film as 'timely and pertinent.' While the Taylors acknowledged that some liberties and poetic license were taken with the movie, they also noted that the finished work was 'tense and thrilling.'

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