Daniel Goggans And Mom Arrested After Alleged Spar With Gun, Machete, Frying Pan In Florida

Daniel Goggans

First Posted: 04/05/13 EDT Updated: 04/05/13 EDT

Out of the frying pan, into the jail cell.

A Florida man and his mom are behind bars after he used a frying pan a machete to threaten -- and possibly injure -- his twin brother, according to a Flagler County Sheriff's Office release.

Daniel Goggans, 27, and his brother Franklin were reportedly arguing outside their home Tuesday morning when Daniel approached with a frying pan. Franklin (not pictured) tried to leave in his truck, but Daniel allegedly climbed onto the hood and tapped the windshield with the frying pan. He then leaped off and grabbed a machete, threatening to Franklin that he was going to "cut him up," the release states.

That's when Franklin reportedly grabbed a handgun and pointed it in Daniel's direction, apparently in self-defense. He pointed the gun at the ground and fired it two times.

When cops arrived, Franklin said he may have accidentally shot Daniel in the foot. Daniel had an injury, but wouldn't tell cops where he got it.

That's when the pair's mother, 55-year-old Lajuana Goggans, stepped in. She allegedly denied any shots were fired and interfered with police, so they arrested her and Daniel. Daniel was charged with domestic violence assault.

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