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First Posted: 04/21/13 EDT Updated: 04/22/13 EDT

To celebrate Earth Week, AOL is partnering with All Hands on Earth benefitting The Nature Conservancy.

All Hands on Earth is a movement of millions of people and ethos-driven brands from all over the world, committed to taking immediate positive action to rescue our planet.

As part of AOL's commitment to helping All Hands on Earth reach its goal of 20 million actions, and $20 million raised, every day this week we'll be posting new tips and tricks to sustainable living.

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4 Easy Ways to Picnic Like a Chef

Content sponsored by the All Hands on Earth campaign benefitting The Nature Conservancy. Here’s how you can get involved in Picnic for Earth.

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe ... it all comes from nature. This Earth Day, Picnic for Earth brings people around the world together in a global picnic to celebrate our planet and the bounty it provides.

We turned to two chefs, Chris Kobayashi of Artisan and Suzanne Tracht of Jar, for advice on how to plan a perfect picnic.

No more soggy sandwiches!

Some of us have terrible memories of hot, soggy sandwiches. Kobayashi suggests you simply leave out the mayonnaise, any aolis, or meats with lots of water content. Instead, he says, you should pack salamis, prosciutto, and heartier lettuces, such as kale.

Pay attention to the weather

We’re not just talking about whether it’s going to rain, which can certainly change your plans. Chef Chris Kobayashi, the executive chef and owner of Artisan, says you should also pay attention to the wind before you head to the park or your favorite spot. “If I’m at the park and have to chase napkins or at the beach with sand blowing into my eyes and food, the wind can ruin my picnic,” says Kobayashi.

Find a unique location

Get creative with your location for a memorable picnic. For Suzanne Tracht, the executive chef at Jar in Los Angeles, that place is Hollywood Bowl. “I’ve had so many picnics there--it’s beautiful and then you get to hear music,” she says.

Act like you’re feeding a toddler

The more you have to remember to bring, the less fun your picnic becomes for you. Kobayashi suggests you plan your picnic around portable, non-messy foods. Sandwiches are an excellent option. “When I plan my picnics, I think about foods that can be eaten with your hands, and avoid anything that requires utensils,” says Kobayashi.

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