Family hoping for girl welcomes 12th baby boy

First Posted: 08/06/13 EDT Updated: 08/07/13 EDT

The Schwandt family of West Michigan just welcomed the newest addition to their clan -- and it's a boy! Well, it’s actually boy No. 12, to be exact. Their newborn, Tucker Ray Schwandt, is named after his grandpa, who was also born on August 4. "I never imagined I'd be sitting here with my 12th child," said dad Jay Schwandt.

Their bundle of joy was greeted by 11 older brothers (the eldest is 21), who rushed into the room to meet him. The parents didn't know the sex of the baby before he was born, but Jay admits that he was rooting for a little girl. Although his wife says it sometimes feels like she's "living in a locker room," she doesn't mind being outnumbered.

"It's always a boy, but it's always a surprise," said mom Teri Schwandt. "I'm sure a little girl would be fun, but we know what we're doing,"

The big family says they operate with flow charts, chores, sports, and Band-Aids. It's no surprise that with so many boys, it can sometimes get a little rough in the house. Ty, the eldest brother, says he's learned some life skills by having so many siblings. "You don't turn your back on them for too long," he said. "I know how to manage time and schedules, and [how to] make sure kids get where they need to be." Now, all of the brothers are anxious to teach baby Tucker the ropes.