See Exclusive Photos of Blair Underwood in NBC's 'Ironside' Reboot

Ironside NBC

First Posted: 09/09/13 EDT Updated: 09/09/13 EDT

NBC is reviving its late '70's classic 'Ironside' with actor Blair Underwood, and AOL is giving you an exclusive peak at the first episode right here!

The series follows Det. Ironside, a brash cop who loses the ability to walk after being shot in the back during a perp chase. After months of rigorous training, the officer is back on the streets, chasing baddies like any able-bodied policeman.

Ironside's first case back in the field takes him through the grim, seedy underworld of hedge fund "flower parties," investigating the murder of a young investment banker.

Actor Pablo Schreiber stars as Virgil, the detective's off-the-hinges partner. Many of you may recognize him as Pornstache' from Netflix's mega hit 'Orange Is the New Black.' Brent Sexton, Spencer Grammer, Neal Bledsoe and Kenneth Choi make up the rest of Ironside's dynamite team.

Check out the exclusive shots below from the upcoming premiere of 'Ironside,' airing Oct. 2 on NBC.

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