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911 Dispatcher Falls Asleep During Emergency Call In Maryland (AUDIO)

(7) Comments | Posted May 23, 2012 | 9:02 AM

Falling asleep on the job is always a bad idea, but it's a whole lot worse when you're a 911 dispatcher.

A Maryland woman noticed her husband was having trouble breathing on April 4, according to the Daily Mail. When she called 911 for help, the operator connected...

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Roasted Fetuses In Luggage: Chow Hok Kuen Intended Gold-Leafed Corpses For Ritual, Cops Say

(0) Comments | Posted May 22, 2012 | 1:47 PM

Forget about eye of newt. Real-life black magic practitioners are in the market for roasted fetuses.

British citizen Chow Hok Kuen, 28, was arrested in Thailand on Friday after police found six fetal corpses in his luggage, according to the Independent. The bodies, which belonged to fetuses between...

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Paige Parkerson Allegedly Murders Clifton 'JR' Barkin Over Cheap Mother's Day Gift

(8) Comments | Posted May 16, 2012 | 11:46 AM

A Texas woman repeatedly stabbed her fiancé after receiving only a card and flowers from Walmart for Mother's Day, investigators say.

Paige Parkerson, 20, is charged with first-degree felony murder in the death of Clifton "JR" Barkin, the 22-year-old father of her two children, according to the...

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Tazviona Maluge Bhebe Robbed Store Wearing Underwear On Head, Pleads Guilty

(1) Comments | Posted May 2, 2012 | 9:31 AM

He would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for that elastic waistband.

Tazviona Maluge Bhebe, 40, entered a London liquor store last January, wielding a kitchen knife and disguised with a pair of light blue boxer shorts over his face, according to the...

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Landlord Sued For 'Haunted House' By New Jersey Tenants Josue Chinchilla, Michele Callan

(0) Comments | Posted April 17, 2012 | 10:11 AM

Adjusting to new circumstances is always a little unnerving, but it gets a whole lot scarier when there are ghosts involved.

Josue Chinchilla, his fiancé, Michele Callan, and Callan's two daughters moved into a rental home in Toms River, New Jersey on March 1, according to ABC. They...

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Johanna Quaas, 86-Year-Old Gymnast, Performs At Cottbus World Cup In Germany

(0) Comments | Posted April 2, 2012 | 1:34 PM

Johanna Quaas, 86, isn't taking old age lying down. Instead, she's taking it spinning, jumping and twirling -- on the parallel bars, no less.

Last month, Quaas wowed the audience at the 2012 Cottbus World Cup in Cottbus, Germany, according to the Post Chronicle. Clad in a green...

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Beyonce, A Dachshund Puppy, May Be The World's Smallest Dog

(0) Comments | Posted March 28, 2012 | 9:16 AM

One of the world's biggest pop stars may now be sharing her name with the world's smallest puppy.

Beyonce, a dachshund mix born at the Grace Foundation animal shelter in El Dorado Hills, California on March 8, now measures less than four inches, according to the...

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100th Anniversary Of Titanic Voyage Commemorated By Twitter, Groupon

(0) Comments | Posted March 14, 2012 | 12:09 PM

Don't worry, Rose, no one is letting go of the Titanic anytime soon. This April marks the 100th anniversary of the catastrophe, and the Internet is marking the occasion in all sorts of ways.

@TitanicRealTime seeks to recreate the ship's voyage via Twitter. Some tweets are from the...

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